Ursula Glaeser

Ursula is a linguist, trainer and systemic coach. She likes to combine coaching with Talking while Walking: convinced of the effectiveness of walking in nature, she knows the connection between walking and creative, solution-oriented thinking.

Ursula has been involved in the linguistic design of moodmap® and in the design of teambuilding sessions.

"moodmap® is not only an ingenious tool for self-reflection and getting to the bottom of one's behavioural patterns. It can also be used profitably in individual coaching, teambuilding and leadership development.

The moodmaps are as brilliant as they are beautiful. But the best thing about moodmap® is that it doesn't impose a 'so-so' analysis on anyone. Finding out what patterns you (re)act according to, how teams can function better and how leaders can do their job more easily is a rewarding pleasure with moodmap®."

Mag.a Ursula Glaeser
Kraubathstraße 37
8522 Groß St. Florian

phone.: +43 699 19096387