Our Team

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Reingard Winter-Hager

In daily life I get stuff done
When stressed I demand confir­mation
In flow I know what’s what

The social anthropologist and founder never rests. Lockdown provided the CEO of SOULSTEPS with the perfect opportunity to bring something new to the world – the most practical team tool – moodmap®

Birgit Vedder

In daily life I’m empathetic and clever
When stressed I’m critical
 In flow I’m full of ideas 

Birgit is an evolutionary academic and the mastermind of the team. She has worked with Reingard on the social impact of moodmap. Birgit came up with the idea to create the visual concepts of stress and flow in the moodmap system.

Doris Harrer-Dullnig

 In daily life I’m socially competent 
When stressed I get impatient
In flow I see the bigger picture

Doris combines clever concepts with practical business knowledge. She guides teams through change. She is theoretically sound then puts these theories into use.

Stefan Klein

In daily life I care about team spirit
 When stressed I get pedantic 
In flow I’m daring

Stefan is a workshop virtuoso. As a linguist and communications specialist and with a focused persistence, he provides his workshop participants with lightbulb moments in their individual development.

Ulrike Krammer

In daily life I’m full of energy
When stressed I become unsure
In flow I’m detail oriented

As an entrepreneur Ulli can see the bigger picture and is empathetic and down to earth. Her lengthy experience of running her own craft company has provided Ulli with valuable business acumen which leadership teams need.

Sabine Halbwirth

In daily life I support others
When stressed I act both too fast and too slow
In flow I’m courageous and clear

As a coach Sabine is inquisitive by nature. She guides her participants with a thirst for research and runs workshops like an art. She works closely and meticulously with her participants to deliver solutions.

James Gordon

In daily life I thrive on contact with people
When stressed I lose focus
In flow I’m detail oriented

James studied communication in London and worked in broadcast media in the UK for many years. His passion for Education Technology brought him to the Austria. Austria has now become his home.

Gabi Slezak

In daily life I’m a team player
When stressed I get distracted
In flow I deal with crisis situations

Gabi, the linguist, follows the narrative of her clients with a skilful intuition. Her depth of research provides her with the ability to recognise developmental opportunities that her counterparts might miss.