navigating diversity

moodmap® Your Way to Self-Coaching 

For Teams, HR Professionals, Coaches and Leaders


Make the Difference

Instead of asking yourself..."Why does my team not feel quite right?" …just make the difference. moodmap® enables us to build truly great teams – by effectively utilising each others' talents while limiting exposure to each team members' lesser effective skill sets.

Make the difference and place people in the right roles so that they can collectively win. Moodmap® allows us to value diversity and view conflict as a positive force that leads to innovation. It fosters clear communication without hidden agendas.

You Choose

moodmap® is fast, effective and real. Just like a compass you navigate through self- assessment with immediate results. This leads you to recognise strengths and weaknesses in a colourful and fun way.
You choose what's best for your next step!

State Of The Art

moodmap® is a state of the art concept that combines intuition and practicality. It gives you the ability to craft your team, your own development, your leadership, your attitude and your approach. This is unprecedented.


moodmap® for Teams

Our experience shows that teams using moodmap® want to continue the journey. Projects benefit though strategic placements, leaders benefit through personality understanding. Teams' benefits are longterm, HR benefit from educational standpoints, Companies benefit because of the efficiency potential.


Take Others On The Journey

If the topic of people development and coaching is of genuine interest, you can complete a programme to become a moodmap® Navigator and invite others to the journey.

You can then guide your own team or other people and conduct workshops using the moodmap® system.



moodmap® can also add great value to your team.
Just give us a call or send us an email.