moodmap® Workshops

moodmap® for Teams

From our experience, teams using moodmap® wish to continue using it. They quickly find themselves in a position where they can develop themselves further without the requirement for external support. 

The Power of Three

There are three destinations on the moodmap® team journey:

First Destination:

Your development process begins with a full day on which you will see yourself and the rest of your team in all their diversity. There will be an opportunity to play and laugh about your individual differences, yet at the same time work on defining your roles in the team for the future.

The Three Components
In the first workshop you get to know the basic personality components. An exciting and insightful journey through the three primal patterns of stress and for flow bring up new perspectives on people who thought they already knew each other well.

Second Destination:

The Various Combinations
The second workshop covers the dynamics that can be unleashed though the power of diversity. Together we journey through the different combinations of the basic personality components. You discover potential impact and develop new strategies for your team.

Third Destination:


In the end, you create measures that ensure emerging tensions in everyday life do not pose a threat but allow orientation and further development. Your cooperation becomes both playful and courageous and find your way back into your own excellence.

The "A" Team
In the third workshop, we design the "best" version of the team. Dealing with the unpredictable is practised, and the new team vision gains adhesion. moodmap® leads the journey.

Offering: Three workshops including support during the implementation; application of moodmap®, support for the team.

Dates By arrangement
Costs: The size of the team determines the duration of the sessions and the exact costs. We will gladly provide an individual quote for you!

Take Others on the Journey

If the topic of people development and coaching is of genuine interest, you can complete a programme to become a moodmap® Navigator and invite others to the journey.

You can then guide your own team or other people and conduct workshops using the moodmap® system.

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