moodmap® Check

Every Journey Starts with the First Step!

With the moodmap®Check  you discover your three personality components - the empathic yellow, the impulsive red and the fact-oriented blue.
We will show you how how to immediately apply this knowledge positively for yourself and others. 

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moodmap® check
96 €
Apply your insights positively to yourself and others.
  • Online test
  • Evaluation
  • Introduction to the moodmap® system
  • Your moodmap®
  • Detailed written evaluation
  • Questions for self-coaching

Become a moodmap® Coach

moodmap® coaches help to shape relationships. With moodmap® you have a tool that allows you "read" relationship patterns. Like night vision goggles, the moodmaps make "humans" visible in all their shapes and sizes. You decide on how you implement the results of the moodmap® with your team members.

Based on the moodmap® you decide how to implement the results of the moodmap® in your interactions and communications . As a result you can easily and efficiently support your customers in shaping their relationships moving forward.

moodmap® for Teams

Teams who know their moodmaps develop a new understanding of each other and are provided with the tools to deal with one another more efficiently and respectfully.
They can also develop themselves further without external support.

We support the introduction of moodmap®. This requires three appointments and some time in-between to implement and integrate the findings.