Win for your team!

To celebrate the European Diversity Month, moodmap® is giving away three prizes that help teams discover the power of their diversity and become even stronger!

1st prize

DiversiTable Team Session

A playful, insightful session of four hours for your team worth 2.300 Euro

You will explore your diversity, take a seat at the DiversiTable and experience your differences and similarities. Our playful approach makes it easier to approach sensitive topics, minimise friction and will give you the ability to leverage the full power of your diversity to develop and grow together.

One Team Will Win The First Prize.

2nd prize

Key Note Talk on Diversity

This humorous, interactive talk is worth 1.900 Euro

To make the term "diversity" tangible, we have developed the "Vulnerability Score". All participants learn to assess their individual "vulnerability" in terms of structural diversity. Diversity on a personality level is assessed with a Quick Check. They can be THE key to better cope with and leverage the power of your diversity.

There Are Two Second Prizes

3rd prize

A moodmap® Check For Your Team

A quick, playful look at your diversity as a team worth 800 Euro

Each team member gets their own personal moodmap®. With this you will be able to capture your different values, stress patterns, needs and strengths. In a one-hour online session we will guide you through your maps and show you how to self-coach. This works both on a team and an individual level.

There Are Three 3rd Prizes.

What is the DiversiTable?

The DiversiTable is like a game board on which personal differences are mapped. This is used to train "DiversAbility", i.e. the ability to deal with one's own diversity in a team.

How Does a Team Session Like This Work?

The team members take their seats at the DiversiTable and will recognise elementary similarities and differences at a glance. You will find out who will sit where with the moodmap® check.

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