Beate Stoll

Beate Stoll is the founder of her own IT consulting company. Her passion is to bring IT and people together. Projects don't fail because of a lack of technology but because of "people". Organisational development with moodmap® is Beate's new passion. 

As part of the development team, Beate implemented a change management project in a Swedish company with moodmap® and applied the methodology in a new context.

"The moodmap® is immediately understandable for working groups. The clients can work on their own at a very early stage with a little guidance. The orientation that the maps give is a brilliant companion to excellence. Organisations need stable teams in the volatile world of work, moodmap® contributes significantly to this."

Beate Stoll
Hauptstraße 21
91074 Herzogenaurach

phone: +49 151 270 90 540